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Working with your insurance company

Here are some helpful pointers to help
you navigate claims and estimates
with your car insurance company.


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Should I use a repair shop that my insurance company is asking me to use?

You can always choose where to take your car for repairs; it is always, after all, your choice! You won't have to run around getting estimates like before. Laws prevent insurance companies from 'directing' you to a particular repair shop. The practice is called 'steering' and is illegal. Some insurance companies go to the extent of asking you to go to their body shop for a written estimate. This could be a backdoor attempt at steering! It would be best if they came to you or just worked from the estimate that you received from your chosen facility. It is always your choice where you want to have the repairs done, and insurance companies work with all reputable body shops.

Who is going to guarantee work done on my car?

An insurance company cannot guarantee any work done, only an individual repair facility can. This is so that when something goes wrong, you can go back to the people who can help you: the repair shop! Reputable body shops guarantee their work. Ask us about our guarantees and practices for your repairs.

Using aftermarket or used parts

Some insurance companies never use aftermarket parts, while others do. Make sure you are insured by a company that requires your car to be repaired in a way that suits you. Don't wait until the last minute to find out that your insurance company does not support the use of parts that meet your standards! Shop wisely for car insurance so you are not sprung with surprises later.

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